Safumax the foreign exchange industry to survive and develop depends on the customer as always support. Customer trust in us, so that they continue to introduce friends and family to us. In order to support customer support, we launched a friend recommendation program. You and your referrals receive a minimum of $ 100 in grants. Specific steps are as follows:

1.Fill in the form below and you must have Safumax transaction number.

2.Invite your friends to open an account at Safumax. Please be sure to remind your friends to fill in the account application to indicate your e-mail as a referrer.

3.After your friend's transaction meets the conditions, you will both receive a referral bonus. The bonus will be added directly to your trading account. The reward amount is calculated based on the first deposit amount of the new account:

4.Safumax reserves the right to finalize your friend‘s recommendation. If your friend has already got an account deposit, you will not repeat the presentation. As a referrer, you can still get the introductory gift.